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Antigua - Island of Adventure

Nestled between the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea and the mighty North Atlantic Ocean, Antigua is a tiny island that makes up the second half of the country, Antigua and Barbuda.

With an area of 108 sq. km. and a fascinating landscape of low-lying limestone and coral islands with some higher volcanic areas, the island is a haven for people looking for a place to relax and have fun in their own tiny spot in the Caribbean. Places like Antigua Bay provide a tranquil and beautiful backdrop for your vacation.

Antigua has an average rainfall of 45.6 inches. However, due to great variations every year and the absence of rivers, the island is subject to frequent droughts.

Temperatures range from mid-70's in the winter. In the summer, the temperatures rise up a notch to around mid-80's. Antigua is considered as one of the sunniest parts of the Eastern Caribbean Islands with constant northeast trade winds, making the beaches on Antigua a popular place to sun. Its naturally rocky coast is very scenic and dotted with bays and arms.

Getting to Antigua
Antigua’s single airport, the V C Bird Airport, is serviced by several major airlines from all over the world, including Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, USAirways, American Airlines, Continental, BWIA, and Air Canada. There are regular flights to the neighboring island of Barbuda from V C Bird Airport.

Activities and Attractions
The English Harbour on Antigua's southeastern coast and the neighboring village of Falmouth are world famous for luxury yachting and sailing. Antigua hotels are among the most comfortable and hospitable in the Caribbean.

If you like the water, Antigua is the place to visit. Water excursions include Antigua sailing week, boating, and yachting. If you want to stay ashore, you can have fun playing cricket, tennis, or golf. If you like nature, take an eco tour, go hiking, bird watching, hunting, or riding.

What about return visits?
A vacation may turn into an annual event or even a long-term proposition as Antigua real estate offers some of the most beautiful places to reside.

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